How Can I Evict a Tenant?

It’s one of a landlords worst nightmares, evicting a tenant. If it’s your first time going through a tenant eviction, there are so many questions you need answered, yet it’s tough to find those answers.

You know what you want, to get the tenant out of your property […]

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Overholding Tenants

You’ve given your tenant a 14 day eviction notice or the tenants fixed term lease is coming to an end and you suddenly discover your tenant has no intent of moving out, now what? You’re being held hostage at this point by what is known as overholding tenants.

The Residential Tenancy Act refers […]

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Credit Reporting And Tenant Verification Services

If you’re currently dealing with problem tenants, this interview is already too late. Where you’ll find the information included here helpful, is when it comes to putting your next tenants in place.

Screening tenants is your absolute best technique for reducing potential problems with tenants and part of […]

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Resolving Landlord Tenant Issues With the RTDRS

The RTDRS is a service that helps both landlords and tenants resolve disputes. The full name of the service, The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service gives us an indication of this, but it never truly explains what or who can use the RTDRS.

At it’s essence the RTDRS, simply helps […]

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If you are evicting a tenant in Alberta there have been some changes that occurred starting October 1st, 2011. The changes do not affect the tenant eviction process, but more so the enforcement of how an eviction in Alberta takes place.

It also creates more of a disparity between a landlord being awarded an Unconditional […]

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Foster and Company Eviction Service Company, Process Servers

In an effort to help provide landlords with as much information as possible and as many options as I can when it comes to evicting a problem tenant, I met with Melissa Costea of Foster and Company to get some insights on what services they […]

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