No matter how bad of an eviction story you may be going through for some reason we all seem to get a little comfort from hearing about other peoples evictions that may have been worse.

Previously, I had a link to 51 nightmare tenant stories, but the site appears to have changed hands and the article is now gone, so perhaps some of you readers can share some stories?

Leave a comment below about your problem tenant, just don’t use their full names!

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  1. Michael says:


    I am a tenant in need of help badly! I originally started renting the basement suite I am in now with another tenant upstairs, this tenant has since moved out and new tenants moved in.

    Things were a bit bumpy at first with them being really noisy, sometimes late at night. We had some talks, and didn’t really sort anything out so I adapted, let the landlady know everything is okay I’ll manage.

    Just recently I had to leave my dog alone for about 12 hours, when he is alone for a long time and hears people he will start to whine, and apparently the upstairs tenant is taking this as a sign of neglect, and left me a note saying to take care of my dog or they will take action.

    Now, if my dog was in actual danger I would hopefully be aware enough to realize this. One of my friends who volunteers at the Humane Society tells me he looks fine and well, and he certainly seems well to me, I’ve had him for two years I should know.

    When confronting the upstairs tenant about this, she claimed there is a really bad smell coming from my suite and I am slowly killing my dog. All the while my dog is standing there wagging his tail.

    I called my landlady, because I don’t want the upstairs tenant causing me trouble while I’m away at work for the day, and she has told me there is nothing she can do and it is probably best if I move out. She has stated she will help me how she can,and will provide a reference.

    Do I have any legal back up here?



    • Hi Michael,

      I can understand you must be pretty frustrated with this, you were there first, never had any problems and now suddenly you are being asked to move. On the one side of this, technically there is no reason to evict you, it appears the landlord is just suggesting it’s best for you to move on, and I might have to agree, as unfair as it sounds.

      Now you don’t have to leave, but here is what I see playing out. The neighbours upstairs and you simply won’t get along. Depending on how intent they are on causing you grief, you could suddenly find yourself reported to the bylaw officer, the SPCA and who knows what other groups. Initially it will be an annoyance, but if for some reason they show up near the end of the day and have been antagonizing your dog, it will be making noise and could result in a warning or worse yet a fine.

      Additionally the people upstairs will potentially start being louder again just to upset you and cause you to lash out, which does give the landlord the right to evict you. You are basically stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

      Now there is a chance the people upstairs may turn around and you might have a chance to talk with them and sort things out, but it doesn’t sound like they want to be that reasonable and have already made up their mind about what’s going on. You could try and persuade them to what is really going on, but no guarantees.

      Sorry I don’t have better news for you, but you may be able to use some of this to your advantage.Currently the rental market is pretty tight, which makes finding a place when you own a pet even more of a challenge. Perhaps while the landlord is offering to help, you can get a letter of recommendation from them that you can take to show the landlords as places you are looking at. This could be very beneficial as almost no one else is doing it and might give you an edge to find a place that works.

      You might even be able to negotiate flexible move out times due to the circumstances. this could give you the leverage to jump into a place right away if it’s perfect and not get caught with any penalty from the landlord for leaving mid month or without a full month’s notice. again, these aren’t optimal solutions, but just a way to turn a bad situation into a better chance for you.

      Alternatively you could just stay an ride it out, but as I mentioned that may not work very well and you could lose any leverage you have currently.

      Hope this gives you an idea of your options,


  2. Brandi says:

    I was a tenant in a nice self contained suite. So i thought. When i moved in, i found the carpets smelled like cat urine/feces and i developed a heffty allergy to this! I had doctors notes stating the carpets must be cleaned or removed, had given to my landlord (who lived upstairs) and nothing was done. Meanwhile i was suffering with rashes and itchy bumps all over my body! Anyways, so my landlord was the kinda guy who liked to text on his night shifts and i, being bored, would text him back. I found i was pregnant while living there. One night, he texted me asking if my breasts were sore and if they needed a massage!! Constantly after that he was asking me out for dinner or breakfast or upstairs to have dinner with him. It became so uncomfortable i talked to my dad who talked to my half sister who just so happened to be friends with my landlord! Afterwards, i was told to leave by the weekend and had the police enter my home, my damage deposit kept and very annoying loud music played every morning at 4 AM. he said he would sue me with slander (as i said the guy must want to sleep with me) and one day i come home to him changing the locks! He never gave me any 14 day notice, etc etc. Just texts saying be out by the weekend. Eventually the police got sick of showing up and warned him about something (i wish i knew) and then eventually my cable, internet and power was cut off. Was such a nightmare! Never again and i feel so sorry for the next people that move in there!!

    • Hi Brandi,

      There were just so many things wrong that the landlord did here it’s embarrassing. Considering the condition of the property, you shouldn’t have originally moved in and he would have had to return any deposits you may have made.

      The rashes and bumps could signify who knows what was in the place. From mould to bed bugs and just about anything in between. You could have easily called the health inspectors in and likely should have or the next unsuspecting tenant could get caught up in the property.

      As for the sexual advances, this could easily have been a sexual harassment case against him.

      As for asking you to leave by the weekend, under the Residential Tenancy’s Act he has to have just cause for eviction and provide you with either a 14 day notice or arrange a hearing to have you evicted. I can understand you wanting to get out faster though.

      Finally it is a fineable offense for a landlord to change locks on a tenant or cut off power. He could easily have been charged for this and there are soem hefty fines involved.

      The biggest problem is, since he hasn’t been reported, he is most likely to continue on in the same manner. Landlords like this are horrible and create problems for those trying to do things right. If any tenants run into slumlords like these, they need to make sure they document all the problems and report them to the proper authorities.

      Thanks for posting Brandi,


  3. Don says:

    I am actually a tenant…we have a room mate here, who just won’t follow the rules, was late with his rent last month, actually only gave the landlord half of it, and said he would give him the other half at the end of June or sometime in July…that’s not fair to the landlord or to us tenants…wwe could of gotten evicted from our house if we didn’t find out about it…we know he won’t have the rent for June, as he does not work…so my wife and i covered his half, plus the extra money he didn’t give the landlord last month, so we dished out an extra $600.00 which we don’t really have, being on a fixed income ourselves…my wife confronted him about it…he said you know i am looking for work…he got very snooty with her like he alway’s does when you confront him about something…but he alway’s has an excuse about something somebody else did in the house…we are the ones with our names on the lease, not him…we have talked to the landlord about this, and he is leaving it in our hands, if we want to get him out…he constantly plays his music so loud you can’t hear anything on tv or if you are on the phone, when i politely ask him to turn it down, he alway’s say’s, why is it when i do something you alway’s complain, but when someone else does it it’s ok…his same excuse for everything, he never goes by our rules, he does laundry about 7:00 in the morning sometimes…he know’s not to do it as that section is rented out to someone else who works nights and get’s home early in the morning…what is our rights as renter’s to evict him…and how much notice should we give him…i don’t want him thinking he can keep trying to put of rent as we don’t want to be evicted from here…can you help me please…Thank-you…Don.

    • admin says:

      Hi Don,

      If the roommate’s not on the lease the landlord can give him a notice to vacate. This would be the potentially quickest and easiest method. I don’t normally deal with tenant versus tenant, Since you are the only ones with your names on the lease he could be considered to be subletting from you, but more likely you can simply tell him he has to go. You might want to confirm this with the landlord and tenant people at 1-877-427-4088, but this might not fit under the Residential Tenancy Act and may fit under Civil law. This means the police may help you remove him!

      Hope that helps,


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